Uxua Casa Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Trancoso is about an hour’s drive south of Porto Seguro in Brazil’s Bahia. It is an absolutely delightful old fishing village that has been developed for tourism in recent years, but what has been done has been done tastefully, and has not in any way spoiled the charm of the place.

Surrounding the centre piece of Trancoso – the ancient Quardrado – are renovated houses and fisherman’s cottages which have now been turned into individual boutiques, galleries, restaurants, Pousadas, and otels. The most delightful of the hotels must be the 10 room/suite Uxua Casa. Uxua Casa is a creation of a Wilbert Das the creative director of Diesel clothing. He has taken and refurbished two old fisherman’s houses that fronted on the Quardrado and then built in the gardens behind a further nine, all unique and distinctive, accommodations. Special care and attention has been given to make everything built at Uxua Casa blend beautifully with the environment in large part through the extensive use of natural local materials to build all of the accommodations. There is a wonderful pool and clubhouse restaurant and bar, as well as an onsite spa offer an extensive range of treatments.

As well as the sheer delight of the environment the great strength of Uxua Casa is in the staff. Three concierges work tirelessly day and night to ensure that every conceivable need of every guest is met and surpassed.

The real delight for me though about Uxua Casa is its Beach Cabana. The Trancoso beach itself is simply superb, miles and miles of golden white sand with just knots of people and activity doted around the various Cabanas along the beach. Uxua Casa Cabana is far and away the finest. If you are resident in the hotel a huge sofa will be reserved for your use whenever you want. Towels, showers, and loos are all yours and then you will be served from the beach bar, created from the wreck of an old fishing boat, with a constant stream of ‘caipirinhas’ and freshly cooked Brazilian food.

Uxua Casa is simply exquisite and for what you get not ridiculously expensive either. I cannot recommend it highly enough.