About Us

Performance Travel Ltd is a full service Travel agency located in Glen Allen Virginia

PTL is an agency with a difference – we are old fashioned, and proud to be so. We have all the cutting edge technology of the modern travel industry at our fingertips but we know that travel is an intensely personal thing. No two people have the exact same expectations or desires of their travel experiences. So we believe in talking to you, advising you and meeting you – in short providing you with a personal service to satisfy your business or leisure travel needs.

At PTL we don’t think it’s good enough to do everything online or through email. That’s why we welcome your phone call or your visit. We want to get to know you. Call us and you won’t be kept on hold interminably or be thrust into an ever more complicated vortex of multiple choice options. You will immediately be able to discuss your needs with one of our team members.

And what a team we have. Our team of staff and consultants, as well as boasting an aggregate of more than 235 years industry experience, are all passionate about travel. There are few countries on the face of the earth that have not been visited by a member of the PTL team. We want to give you the benefit of our team’s experience and advice. Each month each member of our team will post on our website their very personal ‘travel tip’. It may be a destination, a hotel, a restaurant, bar, shop, visitor attraction or even an airline, cruise ship or train journey. Something recently experienced which might just titivate your appetite to travel.

We know that you can satisfy almost all of your travel needs yourself by simply sitting in from of your computer. You can book your airline tickets, rail tickets, cruises, hotels and car rental – pretty much all you seemingly ever need. But if you use PTL not only do we take the work out of the process for you but we can research the best, most convenient schedules for you selecting from all service providers. We can select hotels for you according to your exact needs. If it’s leisure travel you’re after we can make suggestion to you of destinations and places to visit that you might never find even if you spend days surfing the web. We won’t put you into a box or straightjacket. We won’t tie you to a particular supplier. We are totally independent, not tied or affiliated to anyone. You can trust us to do the very best for you.