This was the last leg on the Star Clipper Lines Caribbean itinerary that I had not sailed on the Grenadine Islands (Barbados, Grenadines, Grenada, St. Vincent, Bequia, Martinique, St. Lucia, and Barbados) The Royal Clipper weighs 5,000 tons and measures 439 feet with 5 mast and 42 working sails.

I had sailed with Star Clipper before on the sister ships Star Clipper and Star Flyer. This was the first on the Royal Clipper which holds 227 passengers and 106 staffs. The fun thing about this type of cruising and being on a sailing vessel is the intimacy it offers and the opportunity to meet new people and share the adventure with them. I was fortune on my first night to meet a great group of people to sail with for the week. The other thing that separates this ship from others is that they can get into smaller bays and ports and you get to sail to parts of the Caribbean that you are unable to see from a large cruise liner.
One of our last stops was in St. Lucia and we had been talked into traveling to the rain forest and experience the canopy zip line adventure. After being briefed on safety and given our equipment we headed to our first of 11 zip lines measuring 83 feet to 495 feet. The whole adventure through the trees lasted about 1 hour.
We where escorted by a group of young people that made you fell comfortable and made sure successfully made it from station to station. The good news was if it was too hard….too high…or too scary you could take-in the beauty of the rain forest with all the different plants, birds and take some photographs. It was a fun and I would highly recommend it.
Back on the ship we had a clean comfortable room and enjoyed good food, star gazing at night and low key entertainment which was entertaining. This is a great trip to just relax and enjoy the beauty around you and take in the warm sun and sand of the Caribbean and meet some fun people.