Tucked away on the non tourist side of the tracks in Florence Italy otherwise known as south of the Arno you feel like you are getting an experience of real Italy, with bustling markets, winding cobblestone streets, some of the best gelato around, and best of all tons of Italians shouting and gesturing, and not a word of English to be heard. If you find yourself walking down Via Romana maybe after an excursion to the Pitti Palace or the Brancacci Chapel make your way to Piazza Santa Spirito. On the north east corner of the square is an unassuming restaurant aptly named ‘Osteria Santa Spirito’. Open for both lunch and dinner the restaurant is often overlooked by tourists finding themselves in these parts by the noisy bustling pizzerias on the south west of the square. Do not be fooled, this is the best restaurant in Florence.  Serving a shortish menu of salads, pastas and meats everyone I have had the chance to take here has never looked back. The ‘swordfish carpaccio’ is a top tip, as is the ‘spaghetti alio, olio and peperoncino’ which despite my best efforts I have never been able to duplicate. The effortless simplicity makes this place wonderful and at night with its outdoor space, candles and wooden tables you cant find a better atmosphere, friendlier staff and top notch food.